Composition Through Machine Learning

The Danger of Home.

This piece was written using a recurrent neural network trained on scores (in a MIDI format) created by the author. The network was fed human speech in the form of MIDI, resulting in a score after minimal curation by the composer. This piece was realized using a disklavier piano. 

JellyRoll On Arron Harris

Here’s one of a new composition style I’ve been working with. Each of these compositions were created (or inspired) from three short speech recordings, in this case a recording of Jelly Roll Morton. The melodic and rhythmic material has been taken from these speech recordings. You can hear this material in the beginning (and a few other spots) of each composition. The rest of the material was created with Machine learning as implemented as a recurrent neural network. Here this RNN is attempting to create piano music that resembles the musical material found in the specific speech examples. 


The Joystuck

The Joystuck is a new instrument designed and built by Will Thompson

Infastain (acoustic Piano augmentation demo)


This is a demonstration of an acoustic piano augmentation that allows for infinite sustain of one or many notes. The result is a natural sounding piano sustain that lasts for an unnatural period of time. Using a tactile shaker, a contact microphone and an amplitude activated FFT-freeze Max patch, this system is easily assembled and creates an infinitely sustaining piano. 


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Veteran Voices: hall of Names (installation demo)